CGC - Roundabouts for Digital Transformation (CGC–DigiTrans) - Professional Guidance & Counseling (CGC) in Multi-Actor-Networks

Target Group

The first primary target group are Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) involved in CGC training. These HEIs are involved in the promotion of digital competences for professional transformation processes in different disciplines. [Read more]


Key objectives of the project: Digital transformation is changing society and the economy. [Read more]


Digital transformation is a challenge that calls for actions on individual but also on institutional level in Europe. [Read more]





The project develops different results including a report on digital skills with a glossary, a handbook about an innovative guidance method (“roundabout method”), case studies about the use of the method in practice and a curriculum for the training of practitioners for career guidance and counselling (CGC) to support clients in the context of digital skills training. The piloting of different steps will be evaluated and published in evaluation reports.

All project results can be used in the academic and non-academic training of CGC practitioners and in their practice. Our aim is to achieve greater impact in supporting digital transformation in our society.

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Report on Digital Skills and Glossary

We develop a report on digital skills needs for CGC with glossary for digital transformation. Local networks of CGC practitioners providing input on their digital knowledge and skills requirements, which will be complementary to the desk research on digital skills requirements.


A methodology “CGC Roundabouts for Digital Transformation”, which, as set out in an online methods handbook, will consist in a process of setting up a participative multi-actor iterative learning helix in which the learning needs and aspirations of workers, the digital skill demands of the local labour ...

Case Studies

A collection of case studies will be produced to exemplify various possibilities of application of the piloted method. We pilot the "CGC Roundabouts for Digital ...


To develop a didactical framework and course description of an HE curriculum addressed to current and future CGC professionals: Building on the products ...

Evaluation Reports

Evaluation report of the pilot based on interviews, qualitative feedback from teachers and students, and on quantitative questionnaire from...

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