Digital transformation is a challenge that calls for actions on individual but also on institutional level in Europe. In accordance with the EU PACT FOR SKILLS the project is focusing on the development of digital skills by better tuning between the institutional actors and the individuals and their needs. Career Guidance and Counselling (CGC) practitioners play an important role bringing individuals, companies, and training providers closer together. This is especially important for disadvantaged learners who experience a digital divide.

Digital transformation is also a challenge for HE and study programs in this context. CGC practitioners as well as other professionals in the field (e. g. in-company trainers, HR experts, adult education experts) need a deeper understanding of the digital transformation and the needs in the labor market as well as the training offers and programs available.

This requires a transformation of guidance offerings and concepts systematically, I.e.:

  • The level of digital skills
  • The level of needs-based training offerings in the local and regional context
  • The level of cooperation in networks and the methodical design for cooperation
  • The level of the psychological-individual situation, which should be reflected in resource orientation, encouragement and strengthening of identity.

These aspects will be reflected in the academic education and training of counselors as well as in the approach to the development of CGC services. HEI and practice need to be linked for this purpose. Networking all partners, cooperation at eye level, recognition of people as important actors, local and targeted offer development are some central approaches that will be brought together in the project.

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