To develop a didactical framework and course description of an HE curriculum addressed to current and future CGC professionals: Building on the products of WP 2 and WP 3 (preparatory course, reports on CGC Roundabouts, case studies etc.) and on cutting-edge research on digital transformation, the digital divide and its labour market consequences, the curriculum will equip participants with the necessary knowledge and capabilities to contribute to.

To pilot the curriculum in four European HEIs with a view to permanent implementation in and beyond those HEIs and creating evidence for its utility and applicability for other European HEIs.

The curriculum will inculcate present and future CGC professionals with the digital literacy and knowledge to make them agents of change in a digital economy. It will provide them with an effective method they can apply and/or modify according to specific problems they encounter in their role.

The curriculum will sensitize CGC practitioners to the digital learning needs of disadvantaged groups facing a digital divide. It will give them capabilities and tools to work with clients, employers and TVET providers.

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